Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The {unwelcomed} Guest

Oh Lord.

Since we moved into our home here in Niagara 6 years ago, we knew something "lived" under our shed. There was always a hole.

I spoke to the "whom ever" everything I thought of it while back there, and basically said... Hey, you live here. We live there. Let's never meet. I won't bother you. You don't bother me.

That agreement worked well for the last 6 years.

Until this week.

Enter Madam Possum.

So. She has been into my brown-gold... aka compost pile, eating my kale, as well as generally frREAking me out ever since I saw her. My son actually spotted her. Right on.

I don't blame her for living in our cosy shed. I mean. Come on! It's like living next to the supermarket with an all access pass!

Ideas on how to humanely irradiate her would be appreciated.

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