Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pottery with Mamma

Here is my Mamma
I have always loved these hands

My mom started me up with a small obsession with handmade pottery when I was a girl. We would attend the Waterloo Potter's Christmas and Spring sales, and if we were really lucky... their famous "seconds" sale at the Waterloo Park every Summer. When I was in grade 9, my friend Valerie and I took a March Break kids pottery course, and I 100% fell in love with the art. Our teacher, Neil was kinda a tweed wearing, elbow pads on the overcoat kind of guy (and likely a total hippy/trendy guy in his prime days). He taught our hands what to feel for in the clay, what to look for in building up a lump in the middle of a spinning wheel, and then bring the clay to life, making something out of it. Over the course of the March Break, I made a few cute kiddy pieces, but wanted to get a little deeper into the concepts and technical side of making pots and forms from clay.

Since then, I have taken a few more courses, and my mom took off on her own journey too. She joined the workshop and developed her skills alongside some interesting and incredibly gifted people. My mom met a lady named Harriet Falk (get this... my mom's name's Harriet too... what are the chances!) and the two of them became "Harriet Potters" --- Harry Potter... get it.... no?

They are two hens in a nest together, and balance one another out. My mom is the kind of gal who likes structure, rules, control, and step-by-step instructions... where as Harriet #2 is kinda opposite! They get along well together, and Harriet even made Peter and I's wedding dishes. (a beauitful full set of pottery dishes!) HOLY SPOILED BATMAN!

When I get the chance while visiting my parents, I will slip downstairs for an afternoon and make a few pieces. I prefer to hand build (for the moment as least) because truthfully... there is less clean-up!

Here are a few photos of where I hide and play in the mud.

My gorgeous mother and me... I look like I may have ill intentions with that knife!
Mommy Being Magical

My Little Helper 
Dreamy Tools

Leather-hard garden markers
Wheel work - bowl

Christmas Ornaments - I sell these at the Heidehof
Senior Citizen Home in St. Catharines, ON annually
Snazzy Reindeer :)

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