Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Art Hub - A Collaborative Project with We Felt That

Recently we started a collaboration project with The Art Hub!

Here is a little blurb on that they do: 

The Art Hub is a Artist run studio where people of all skill level, medium and experience gather to celebrate the joy of Art! 
Along with Photography services and children’s camps,
We offer a wide array of workshops and classes for you to grow your skills in you’re chosen subject.

Jessie is the Owner and Lead Artist of The Art Hub. She is nothing short of a dream as far as a business minded artist. Getting two of those kinds of people in the same room is difficult... let alone in one person... but she is just that. Organized, focused, forward thinking and very tech-savvy. I respect her ability to gather people in the name of the arts.

She and I first began our relationship after she posted that she was looking for any and all art supplies for her studio. I had taken that wonderful knitting class a few years ago, and had been given a tonne of supplies by many wonderful ladies... and simply had too much! Jessie grabbed up what I could spare and we began liking and following one another on social media.

Anyways! I am so thrilled to begin hosting my own courses this Spring! As a former children's teacher, I pride myself in being both fun and engaging. I hope you are able to attend one of my course workshops and

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions as well.
jkaranfilis @ gmail . com <--- no spaces

Here are the courses that We Felt That are hosting for both children ages 7-12 and adults.

Happy Mamma on Mother's Day! A handmade pendant with
 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils chosen by your
Children Ages 7-12:

Wednesday May 6th
Class (A) - Children's Wet Felting Workshop -
Take home a handmade pendant for mom for Mothers Day!

Friday May 8th 
Class (B)  Children's Wet Felting Workshop -
Take home a handmade pendant for mom for Mothers Day!
Children's Courses


For alternative methods of payment, please see our eventbrite page here.
May 6th -
May 8th -

Take note that with eventbrite there is a $2.67 fee for using their service to sign up.

Choosing their Mom's Fave colour for her pendant!
Rolling the wool roving into balls for the pendant

Getting their roving wet and beginning to see the fibres felt

Creating a ball with her own hands... what a keepsake!

Inspecting for any non-felted bits of wool

Mini Oil Class geared towards kids... they all love wild orange and peppermint!

Super blessed mama and a special moment!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

We Felt That - A Humble Beginning

I began writing about my recent findings of the incredible benefits that aromatherapy had been impacting my son, and friends I received such positive feedback, and many inquiries about what I had stumbled upon.

Essential Oils have made a really positive impact on my family. Our son was diagnosed with a sensory and anxiety disorder in October of this past year. His ability to self-regulate his behavior without medication or formal occupational training has been remarkable. We show love, and patience in our best times... and he knows for the most part how to bring himself out of a potentially bad situation. I looked into using aromatherapy as a way to assist and enable his body to line-up with what my son was trying so desperately to accomplish... and within moments of the first application, we noticed positive changes.

Being a lover of all things natural and handmade (see all my posts since I began blogging in 2013)... it only came naturally to me to seek and find a creative way to get these amazing oils onto our family in a consistent and safe way. Roller balls and topical application were working great... but the creative person inside of me knew these was more to it!

Enter Felting! Being a potter, I would hand-build and spin pieces in the basement studio of my mom's house for hours and hours on end. They would have to drag me upstairs just to get me to eat! Well... my dear parents live in Kitchener, and since having our second child... and another on the way.... the dust, oxides, and all that comes with being a potter had to be put on the back burner. I thought I had lost that creative outlet... and I mourned for something to put my hands to.

Again.... Enter Felting! I took a course by the local and wonderfully talented artist Tammy Jane Lepp, who owns the online Esty store called: Pambatam She makes incredible textiles and taught me how to make them too. Youtube also was amazing for adding any missing pieces about felting balls that Tammy was not versed in.

Stay tuned for a up and coming collaborative project with The Art Hub! I am going to be offering 5 Spring time courses ranging from children's courses in the evening to make one of these beauties...

and as well as two adult date night themed workshops!

Men: You can MAKE your wife a piece of heirloom-worthy jewelry that will elevate her mood and yours....
Ladies: Your man is going to make you a beautiful piece of jewelry that will elevate your mood and his.... call the sitter, and book the hotel room! ;) .. plus you get to make one for yourself! #winning

Monday, 28 July 2014

A photo update for June

 Early one morning, before the "usualy" wake-up time I could hear our son rustling around on his room. He was humming a happy tune, so I wasn't too concerned that he was doing something that needed my immediate attention. (it was also before 6:00am.... so I stayed in bed for obvious reasons!)
After about an hour or so (I wasn't too aware of the time to be honest), he came out, dressed for school and asked if we could "sort out my treasures today"?

ORGANIZE!!!! REALLY!? OF COURSE! He IS my son! It was a proud mamma moment.

Despite his excitement (and mine) it was time to start our school day, so I promised that we'd do so after school. When I got home from driving him to school, this is what I found:

 He got a cigar box from the Doctor that Peter works with in Grimsby. Its been hosting his treasures for about 3 years. Stephen carefully laid out all of his precious things, waiting.