Monday, 28 July 2014

A photo update for June

 Early one morning, before the "usualy" wake-up time I could hear our son rustling around on his room. He was humming a happy tune, so I wasn't too concerned that he was doing something that needed my immediate attention. (it was also before 6:00am.... so I stayed in bed for obvious reasons!)
After about an hour or so (I wasn't too aware of the time to be honest), he came out, dressed for school and asked if we could "sort out my treasures today"?

ORGANIZE!!!! REALLY!? OF COURSE! He IS my son! It was a proud mamma moment.

Despite his excitement (and mine) it was time to start our school day, so I promised that we'd do so after school. When I got home from driving him to school, this is what I found:

 He got a cigar box from the Doctor that Peter works with in Grimsby. Its been hosting his treasures for about 3 years. Stephen carefully laid out all of his precious things, waiting.