Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Peter is shredding

My hubby is a personal trainer and owner of More Fitness here in Niagara.

And a hottie-biscotti.

He and a handful of his friends from Bible school have been doing a cute little competition for 12 weeks.

I don't know exactly what it all entails, and or a "winner" will be decided.

Once I do, I will post.

They are on week 11, and Peter is taking this whole thing really seriously. I have never seen his body transform like this before. (....well, there was that one year early in our marriage when we had $25.00/week to spend on groceries, and we both became sticks for a season....) but this is a different kind of incredible!

He has 1 more week to go, and this week he is "shredding". That's when you take all of the muscle you built, and then moderately cut-out a portion of your carbohydrate intake and shed fat.

It's temporary, and he likes the challenge he is putting his body through. Its for a small season, and he knows its not "ideal" for everyone. aka. don't do it without a professional giving you guidance.

And so am I shedding too... Carrots! --- I love juicing these babies!

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