Friday, 12 April 2013

Mu[l]ch to be Thankful for!

This past week our city crews were busy trimming the maple trees on our street. They were past due (in my opinion) because the garbage truck began taking out a few upper branches nearly every time it came down our street.

If you know me, I am a sucker for all things soil building. When I saw them shooting mulched branches into their truck... I plotted and planned me best "poor pregnant lady" ploy. I made sure that when I went out to speak to them that my round belly was exposed (under a shirt for pete-sakes, I do have class!)

I asked if they knew when the Jaycee Park mulch site would be opening (even though I have a count down on my calendar) and if they would be willing to save me some back ache, and just off load some onto my front lawn. {tee hee}

At first, they both said "maybe" --- and ---"we won't have much to give you"...but after persistently batting my eyelashes at them through multiple trips outside to plant peas, radish and some Asian greens... they crumbled and dumped some delicious mulch on my lawn. WINNING!


The heavens parted that morning, and we all rejoiced. This rejoicing included my husband (for the sake of his little car not being abused this year with multiple trips to the mulch pile and chiropractor (for saving my back) --- and our baby-within who would have felt the strain of mamma being her overly ambitious self.

SK was SUPER excited too!

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