Friday, 12 April 2013

Learning to {Knit}

This past winter I was in super nesting mode. We primed and re-painted. Re-arranged. Purged. Cleaned. Stored. Etc. I think this baby is going to have great work ethic! There are somdays when my energy is so high that I tend to "look for" things to do to help me fall asleep at night. I wish I could bank this energy. I would have a big-ol-vault to draw from once the baby is here.

Anyway. I took a photography course with the lovely Estelle at a local church this last fall (I blogged about how much I love her in another post here). Once I completed her course, I looked into the other cutie-pie lessons that were being offered. I needed something I could put my hands to that didn't take up too much room, was low-cost, and that was "functional".


I am able to say with great pride that I now know how to knit. I have made several gifts for friends (and their babies), a few things for our family, as well as "Doggie" - also blogged about earlier this year. He "needed" a new collar, and Stephen was more than happy to see that his little friend is now "cosy" and "safe" with his tan coloured collar.

Here is the group I spent every (almost every) Tuesday this last winter with. It was a GREAT privilege  and I am SO thankful for their skill, patience, and encouragement. Our instructor, Erna, is the lovely lady on the far left with the gorgeous red hair. She became my "knitting mom" and sat beside me enduring the "can you show me that one more time" requests from yours truly.  I spend hours sitting and listening to these wonderful women chat about their grand children, trips they were planning, and trips they had just arrived back from. I hope one day to be just as active and cool as the women in this little room. They all have so many gifts and talents to offer. I look forward to returning in the Fall again to re-connect.

Pictured below, the ladies knit the patches in this quilt and will be raffling it off to raise money for the Cancer Unit locally. They also made a number of lap blankets.

Such giving and wonderful hearts. God bless them all!

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