Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Progress! {ground cherries}

Last summer we fell in love with ground cherries. I had quested for them the in 2011 and found ONE pint for $8.00 at the market. Once I scraped my mouth off the market floor, I enjoyed them immensely .. and plotted a plan to grow my own. 

We had so much success with growing them last summer (2012) both in the front yard here at my house, and out at Julia's farm in Vineland. 

Our family and neighbourhood friends would commune around the 3 GIANT bushes in our front yard... we has more ground cherries that we knew what to do with. My mom made a DELICIOUS ground cherry pie, which lasted 30 seconds before it was devoured (we are classy). I offered them to ANYONE pulling in or out of our driveway. I kept pint baskets tucked into the raised bed over-hang to make sure I could employ the 4 and under age kids to "work" for Auntie Julie, (while stuffing their precious bellies). I made a few parents happy to see their kiddies enjoying fresh as you can get produce all summer too. 

Makes me a happy happy mamma!

The photo below makes me warm and tickley on the insides. 

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