Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Juicing and Juicers and the Juice on Juicing

I don't know how I got coined the "go to person" in my circle of friends and family about what juicer to get... but if I gave you access to my facebook account (I'm an open book, I would actually be fine with giving you full access to it)....anyways!

You would find in my message box over 10 different requests for juicer advice on what one to buy.

Not gonna lie... after writing the 4th reply over the last year or so... I ended up copying and pasting the information to the other 6 askers... there I go again... open book.

Here is my BEST resource for selecting a juicer.

I send all of my inquirers to this website because its literally what I would tell them but in an incredibly detailed and experienced manner. We have owned 2 juicers.

One that was a Jack Lalame one (lame being used on purpose here) and an OMEGA 8005 juicer. The Jack version was a "beginners" mistake because we didn't really know what we were looking for, and got the cheapest one we could find, on sale. After realizing it was a pain in the behind to clean, use and generally terrible at juicing... we began to research juicers online. And by researching, I mean we watched like 100 youtube videos, and read a tonne of blogs (like this one) about juicers until we were set on getting the OMEGA.

Here is a youtube video of our son making "mango ice cream" with his daddy!

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