Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Equipping our son for success

Every parent knows mornings and night times can be a struggle. Some children drag their heels moving at a snails pace. Our son is a professional doddler and is easily distracted. All good, if you have the time to coax and hand-hold... but not exactly equipping for independence.

At any-rate  I had a brainiac idea to help him  us along with morning and night time routine. We have always had an amazing routine that has worked for everyone, but SK would still struggle with "staying on track". (see a photo of the culprit below)

The king of distractions... meet : Doggie

Since check marks seem to be his love language currently, I made a simple chart to detail the steps we take to get ready on the morning and night.

Game changer.

It should be noted that I forgot "put on PJs" which is done in-between brushing teeth and picking out books
but it's a running joke around here that "mommy forgot", and adds some humor to the night... every night.... and it's not getting old... and its been over 3 weeks..... oh boy!
He is SO happy, efficient, and independent. Hallelujah!

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