Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Early May Update

The bees are buzzing, tuplis and blossoms blooming, and May is off to a wonderful start. Last night we went for a mini-hike to the Eco-Park near our house. (sadly, it was cut short because yours truly has a bladder these days the size of a tennis ball). While there, I managed to immerse myself into all things spring here in Niagara. We are truly blessed to live in SUCH a beautiful part of Canada.

Here are some shots from last night. My point and shoot did a pretty good job capturing the essence of spring :o)

I love this man

On the home front, we hosted a little neighbourhood garden course this past weekend. I always have a few curious heads bobbing in and out of my gardens, and I thought I would be proactive and host a little informal "seed sowing" lesson for the kiddies. It was a good turn out (any more kids, and it would have been chaos) and they all went home with a little mini starter kit for beginning their own gardens. I did change the parents for the visit, only because the seeds, trays and soil were something I bought just for them. (Julia and I have a separate lot of seeds reserved JUST for the Vineland Gardens that we both have invested into)

Here is the big guy getting ready to have his pals over. He did the entire set-up himself. I am one blessed mamma bear.
Mr. Helper Man. Special thank you to LVT for lending me her hand shovels and rakes . Perfect!

I used these cucumber plants to show the kids what they'll be growing this summer. 

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