Monday, 11 February 2013


Stephen has been such a helper in the gardens over the past 5 years. He is a hard worker. He asked to help. And he has never complained about "going out and working in the garden". He sees it the way I do (I think...) Its not really work. Its more like a labour of love. I am so thankful I have these years to instill that love for sowing and reaping. For putting in a decent amount of work, and standing back and saying "we did this!" and teaching him the principals of nurturing and caring for our earth. He understands so much. I learn more from him. To stop. Get down on your knees or belly. and watch the ants carrying out sand. Watch a spider spin a web. Take care not to step on the dandelions. And take frequent breaks.  :) 

Hard working hands. I love them.

Snow Day 2013 - Love!

He has SEEDS on his mind :)

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