Saturday, 23 February 2013

Raspberry Jam that will curl your toes with delight

Social media can be a wonderful thing. It brings the big-old-world we live in a little closer... and in this case, right to my front step. 

Front Step Farms (smartly named!) was first discovered my yours truly purely by the grace of God Himself! I'm almost sure it was a tweet from some other Ontario local food lover. After taking a quick look at their recent tweets, I simply "followed them" and began to learn about the incredible operations they have forged over in Maple, Ontario.

One thing lead to another, and so the story goes... I became obsessed with tracking down some of their jam. 

Front Step Farms proudly grow, pick and preserve their goods and are crossing their fingers for some wholesale action in the near future. Their youtube videos show that they are constantly thinking ahead for growth, planting row upon row of garden goodies. Last year their peach jam sold right out. They also have famous pickles. I think I smell a road trip coming this summer once our baby is born. We have family that lives in Barrie... and I know we'll want to stock up on their goods. 

They are even experimenting with making raspberry wine. BOOM! 

One of Front Step Farms claims to fame is their raspberry jam, and this baby-sprouting lady simply HAD TO try their jam. Thinking innocently about how I could get my hands on their goods... I tweeted that I wanted to try their "toe curling" jam... and their responded in saying they were actually heading to Niagara in the next week or so, and that they could bring me some. WHAT!?

I say toe curling because that's exactly how I envisioned it... (and even labeled my jars accordingly after trying some).

My own personal label for their Raspberry Jam 

I did a double take when they privately messaged me on twitter with their phone number, and a genuine request, wanting to give me an opportunity to try the jam. 

WOAH. This kind of customer service in 2013? ... unbelievable. SO THANKFUL. 

Wanna know what else was unbelievable... this.

Front Step Farms - Raspberry Jam

If you have ever wondered if there is such thing as "the best raspberry jam ever" ... there is. 

It's from Front Step Farms. 

The wonderful farmer (who's name I didn't get because seconds before his arrival at my front step, my husband's chin-up bar DECKED me over the head) was quick to tell me it was his pleasure to come by and let me try their jam. 

The swift and shocking blow caused me to crawl to the front door, tears streaming down my face. 

apologized for the strange welcome, and assured him that I don't usually cry over jam being delivered to my door.  It still hurts... 5 days later.      :( 

I think the jam slightly helped eased the pain.      :)

4 Simple ingredients:
LOADS of Raspberries (and I mean they really jam them in there) ;)
Lemon Juice

These super heroes wanted to take tablespoons to the jar... I almost let them, because of how darn cute they are... almost.

I highly recommend you get your hands on a jar of this jam. Get yourself some crusty, bakery fresh bread (or gluten-free alternative)... or better yet..... a large spoon.... and dig in. 

You will thank me later.

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