Monday, 28 January 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the marriage of Andrew and Heather. This is a photo journal of the weekend with family and new friends. To see a photo up-close (or larger) just click on it. If you want copies of anything, please contact me at or on facebook.
Flying into Las Vegas - Loved the Mountains!

Las Vegas Airport

Super Last Tram at Lac Vegas Airport

Where our Family Stayed... incredible!

Sisters being Sisters!

Lisa talked to Lori and as Grams says: Her eyes just glazed over... ahaha!

Tom, Uncle Kevin and Grams
Great photo of Lori.... Peter... no so much :)
Tom and my Sister Heather xo

Kevin's Shoes. I love.
Old Vegas Strip. Totally amazing!

These two. I tell ya.
Our hotel... don't go here. (I'll link my review from shortly)

Palm Tree. Hello happiness.

Again... These TWO! 
The bevy of choice all weekend long. H2O on ice.

Groom getting ready for his big day.
The BEST man. Brio!

Brothers getting ready, Peter telling jokes.
Peter found a Calvin Kline tag in his collar peaks. (oops!)

Andrew saying something inappropriate. Golf on TV.

My Nephew.

I love him.

Handmade Boots from Lillooet Flower Shop. Beautiful!
Brio not moving because he has a bow on. 

How do I look?

in Lobby waiting for our Hummer-Limo!

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kevin



Best Looking Couple EVER!

Looking at photos of Brio

Where the magic happened. 

No photos allowed. They yelled at me after this shot. Awesome... :(

Post Wedding Smiles!

These two. I tell ya. These two. I love it!

Dedo's Decorations that he bought before he died in May 2012.

 All Dedo wanted was for
Andrew to marry Heather.
His blessings were fulfilled! 


Teta Julie sang a lovely song for their first dance.

And they lived Happily Ever After !

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