Thursday, 20 December 2012


Stephen's Christmas Concert took place last night. The YouTube link is posted.

Regarding traditions that our families participate in:

Here is a throwback from our 2011 Christmas in BC

Peter's mom makes crepes for the whole family for Christmas Morning. She shared with be a few Christmases ago that making them up the night before, and having everything prepped and ready for the big morning has made her morning more enjoyable. (aka. she is able to enjoy the family rather than being tied down in the kitchen all morning flipping crepes)

The goods :)
OJ in Champagne Glasses! Peter loves his crepes with Nutella :)

 Lori uses the amazing Costco 3 berry assortment and thaws them out. She stuffs the crepes with Nutella, Nutella and fruit, or just fruit. All are delish.

My brother-in-law Andrew is allergic to dairy, so she makes some special ones for him. I can relate, I should stay away from dairy too... but my symptoms are phlegm (sorry) and acne. Nothing gut wrenching compared to others with a major allergy.
Hash Browns, Crepes, toast, jam, bacon, OJ, whipped cream, etc.
Lori made dairy-free waffles for Andrew too.

 Lori has a collection of Christmas glassware, and plates. I always look forward to using them. They are nice and heavy, and make the table festive. She busts out ALL the Christmas goods. (I, shamefully, have very little in the way of decor) Place mats, candles, nicnacks, garland, trees, ribbons, centerpieces, etc. All cute and Christmassy.

Lovely Tree
Dedo Santa
BC Karanfilis Ornaments

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