Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Foggy on the Outside

I took this photo today while enjoying breakfast overlooking the street. We have been experiencing morning full of fog, and it's been reported to be cancelling buses in the area.
Foggy Morning on Sunview Street

Our son looked out the window early this morning (something he does every morning when he gets down the stairs) and declared... "Mom, it's there again". Sometimes he asks me why things are the way the are, and is a naturally curious little guy... but today he just stared out at it. Squinting to see the cars parked across the street. Maybe his buddies house.

Have you ever been foggy on anything? Not seeing things as clearly as you wish? Where do you look for clarity? Emotions? Books? Prayer? Friends? Coffee!?

When I hear that the powers that be were cancelling bus service for school... my first thought was: "Don't they know it will lift soon? Do they realize it's temporary?"

I know there have been many times when my head fog seemed to go on and on for days. Cloudy thoughts, forgetful fog.

I've realized that MOST times it's because I am dehydrated. Anyways. Those are my thoughts for today.

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